January 28, 2022

Ceramic filters KDF of Rudgormash are a breakthrough in the mining industry


Another ceramic filter KDF-75 with ceramic filtrating elements was shipped to a customer in the beginning of August. The filter was designed by technical research center “Bakor”, “Filter engineering” company and manufactured by LLC “Concentrating equipment”. The filter will work at Lebedinsky GOK.


Technical director of LLC “Concentrating equipment” Vladimir Sharkhov described the problems and perspectives of the production process:

- In August we shipped to “Bakor” ceramic filters KDF-75-2,26-02. The first filter was manufactured on the basis of “Filter engineering“ company project, while our bureau of dewatering machines prepared engineering documents on its basis. One of the main advantages of this new model is that maximum energy consumption amounts to 32kV per hour. For your comparison I can say that a vacuum pump on an ordinary filter with the similar overall dimensions consumes around 400kV, while total energy consumption exceeds 600kV.

Bakor” ceramics allows to exceed key figures in productivity (especially in small class filtration) by more than two times if compared to ordinary filters situated on the same basis. The cake moisture is exceptionally lower. When the filter is working these parameters can be effectively modified during the production process. Our equipment has also other grave advantages.

 We have a demand for this concentrating equipment. Our ceramic filters already operate for LLC “Apatite”, Lebedinsky GOK, gold mines in Krasnoyarsk Region. Inquiries for another 23 filters for different mining enterprises are being worked through. But this is a prerogative of “Bakor” company that has an exclusive right to sell ceramic vacuum filters. The most important thing for us is not to let down our customers or final consumers on delivery time or products quality.

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Mechanic engineer of “Bakor” company Mr. Chernousov attended the delivery acceptance of KDF.

- The filter I accept today is produced for Lebedinsky GOK.  If compared to the previous models, its quality proved to be much better. We are heading in the right direction. In the future we plan to maximize the update of this equipment. I presume we will achieve this goal altogether with engineers and manufacturers of Rudgormash.