June 05, 2020

New throw-screen GISL-82R goes to buyer. Our equipment will be in-demand with coal producers.

A new self-balanced throw-screen GISL-82R was manufactured by PJSC “Concentrating equipment”. The new machine will replace  GISL-82AK throw-screen.

The  project of the new model was designed by experts of the throw-screens and feeders bureau, namely Svetlana Petruhina, a design engineer of 2-nd category, Konsantin Novomlintsev, a leading design engineer, and the head of the bureau Alexander Zatsepin.

According to Mr. Zatsepin, the GISL-82R throw screen had been equipped with polyurethane and slotted screens upon customers’ request. Due to these alterations in design, GISL-82R has increased productivity and it is more reliable during exploitation. The integrated vibrators applied in its construction eliminate side oscillations and exclude the possibility of sides destruction, which greatly extends the throw-screen service life.

Recently the new throw screen was sent to Kemerovskaya region, JSC “Chernigovets” which is one of JSC HK “SDS-Ugol” branches.