July 08, 2020

The new technique of magnetic treatment of magnetits ores pulps is worked out

 New methodology of magnetic treatment of magnetits ores pulps and their enriching by methods of magnetic separation is worked out in the designer bureau of “Rudgormash” Company.

 The patent (№ 101655) on useful model «MAGNETIC FLOKULJATOR OF DESLIMER» is taken out. Authors: Zvegintsev A.G., Sharhov V. V, Kuleshenko V. V.

 The developed and made pre-production model of the device allows to produce floccules demagnetization with the effective separation of unmagnetic admixtures with the subsequent selective formation new floccules which processing at the third stage are strengthened by a method of “Magnetic pressing”. The device can be used in magnetic flokuljator-thickeners at the process of desliming, and also at various stages of magnetic separation.