March 28, 2023

Kuzbass market became closer.

In April, the company "Rudgormash" joined the non-profit organization "Association of machine building companies of Kuzbass". This organization consists of a voluntary association of 23 machine building enterprises. Kuzbass is a mining basin. The greatest part of it covers Kemerovo region, but Kuzbass also includes significant areas of the Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions, as well as the Krasnoyarsk and Altai. Therefore, in addition to the factories of the Kemerovo region, the Association of machine building companies of Kuzbass also includes enterprises of the Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions, and now the Voronezh region as well.

The main
goal of the Association of machine building companies of Kuzbass is to consolidate the domestic machine production in the Russian market and expand to the foreign market of Europe, Asia etc. in cooperation with foreign partners.

The global task set by the
Association is to increase scientific, technical, industrial and investment potential, to strengthen and develop the competitiveness of engineering products in Russia (coal, energy, transport, mining, etc.), as well as to develop the machine building industry of the CIS countries and far abroad on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Also, on the basis of this Association, we entered the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 269 "Mining." This is
a union of enterprises and organizations with the aim of organizing standardization work in the field of development, production, testing and operation of mining equipment, conducting an expert assessment of the introduced regulatory documents.

The technical committee of TC 269 “Mining” is a system-forming committee for standardization.
The effectiveness of its activities ensures the effectiveness of work in such sectors of the economy as coal, mining, machine-building industry.

Members of the technical committee are government agencies, scientific and expert organizations, manufacturers and consumers of mining equipment and products.

The activities of TC 269 "Mining"
are intended to provide:

• removal of technical barriers;
• harmonization of national and international standards;
• production and circulation of innovative, high-tech products;
• increasing the level of product safety and its quality;
• development of fair competitiveness of products;
• ensuring the implementation of the course on import substitution of products.

For our company, this is an opportunity for close communication with the coal
leading producers, the exchange of experience and maximum awareness of the demands that prevail in the Kuzbass market.