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  The specialists of Rudgormash have introduced a new drilling rig control system. Rudgormash continues to modernize the manufactured products. This time the issue concerns the upgrade of SBSH-250MNA-32 control system.   Presently this new control system undergoes a number of tests.
In the production department No 10 we have proceeded to the production of several types of machines. The throw–screens GIT-73 and GIT-52M are going to concentrating plants situated 1350 km away from each other, though the screens will be doing practically the same work. They will process crush
           A set of VS-30 mine cars has been send to the customer for further operation in potash underground mines. The machines’s construction has undergone serious changes in the electric and brake systems. Now we can offer our clients an opportunity to p




Factory tests of 10VS15 mine car and its softstarter.


Factory tests of the mine car softstarter that took place in the assembling department of Rudgormash under an acute supervision of the Chief engineer Zarudnev V.V. ended in success. Presently, the application of the softstarter is a mandatory requirement of all underground mines where mine cars are used.




Lately, the construction of Rudgormash mine cars has changed greatly in accordance with the requirements and desires of the mining companies.


Here is a few of the distinctive features that Rudgormash mine cars carry:


  • the mine car is available in two versions: U=660V and U=1140V;

  • the travel drive includes two three-speed motors (frequency regulation is available); all wheels are driving and steering;

  • the front suspension is centerpoint, the back suspension is rigid. The car has a steering booster based on a hydraulic steering valve;

  • the machine has three types of braking systems: service, parking and emergency. The service brakes are installed in the wheels; parking brakes are on the drives. The emergency braking system switches on the service brakes from air-hydraulic accumulator;

  • Upon customer’s request the wet multi-disc brakes can be installed;

  • the mine car can be dismantled into parts and units. The car construction is versatile and suitable both for the potash and coal underground mines;

  • all electric equipment has an explosion-proof construction;

  • the car has a cable drum with an automatic winding.

  • The scrap tires are super hard – with 32 layers of and have the carrying capacity of 10 tons.




The car design conforms to all latest standards (2017), that are regulated by the technical supervisory state authorities according to the Russian standard GOST 55163.


Additional equipment is also available as follows:


  • equipment to monitor people or cars approaching at a risky distance;

  • equipment for ore weighing in the car;

  • video recorder.


Over the recent years the mine cars are widely used in underground mines of Kuzbass during development works. We have also modified our mine cars for proper and more comfortable operation in coal mines.


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