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   The representatives of “Klesovski quarry “TECHNOBUD” company came to see the commissioning and testing works of the throw screen GIT52M.   The testings went well and the customers were remained satisfied with the new equipment. A maintenance engineer Cherota R.
  The 12-th International Exhibition “Mining equipment, extraction and concentration of ores and minerals” MWUz-2017 took place on November 15. This is the major international exhibition of mining and metallurgical complex in Uzbekistan, that unites the leading manufacturers and sp
  LLC HC “Rudgormash” manufactured the new throw screens GST-62B and sent them to the client.  The throw screens were produced for the needs of PJSC “Severstal” (Cherepovets metallurgical complex) according to the customer’s documentation.  The throw s




Anniversary model of SBSH-250 with serial number 1600 went to JSC “Bereznikovskiy soda plant”

 We watched “him” being born from “his” very first day not only because it had an anniversary number but also because it is unique! Truth be told, every and each of our drilling rigs has its distinctive and individual specialties.

Here is how the chief engineer Mr Vladimir Glazunov speaks of it.

The rotarary drill SBSH-250 MNA-32 with the serial number 1600 is equipped with the dry dust suppression system (instead of the usual wet dust suppression). The machine is fitted with the polyester cartridges which suppress not only lumps but also finely crushed pieces of ore whereas the “smart” controller does the cleaning.

The drilling angle is 0-15 degrees, the nominal drilled diameter is 215mm.

We have greatly changed the mast and rod feeding mechanism design for prompt mounting and dismounting (lower fitting of the cylinder on the axle) process.

In this model of the drill we provided connectors on the pulley axle for all mechanically fed blocks. This allows to dismount bearings without any lifting devices.

The operator’s cabin is cozy, comfy and modern. The walls are made of sandwich panels and are sound-proof and heat-insulated. Comfortable control chair provides the basic controlling operations of the drilling rig. Triple-glazed windows, on the roof air conditioner and the heating system guarantee perfect environment inside the operator’s cabin.

 Shock absorbing mounts applied for the machine room reduce vibration strain. LED-based lightning helps the operator during his work.

 Powerful and sustainable, modern and comfortable this machine is. Now at Rudgormash we have been impatiently awaiting for the first comments from its proud owners to come.

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