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           A set of VS-30 mine cars has been send to the customer for further operation in potash underground mines. The machines’s construction has undergone serious changes in the electric and brake systems. Now we can offer our clients an opportunity to p
           DRUM SEPARATORS  PBM-PP-150/300 FOR WET SEPARATION OF HIGHLY MAGNETIC ORES.   Two magnetic drum separators PBM-PP-150/300 with a half counterflow bath were successfully tested in presence of our customers in one of the production departments
        Last month we supplied to our customer a heavy drill of the frame-platform type and would like to say a few words about this machine. The drilling rigs of this model have a reinforced structure of the main frame. This feature makes SBSH-250MNA-32KP one of the most re




RUDGORMASH certificates were granted to service engineers of Krasnoyarsk

A training session “How to set up and operate the hydraulic and electric drives of all types for SBSH drilling rigs” took place at RUDGORMASH.


The head of the Training center Aleksey Dronov told us the details of the event:


- We received here at Rudgormash the inquiry from the commercial director of JSC “Mining machines” Mr Zikiryaev (Krasnoyarsk) for a training session for their service engineers that would include both theory and practice regarding setting and operational techniques of SBSH hydraulic and electric drive alignment. The idea was endorsed by the general director of Rudgormash Mr. Zabotin V.K. and the chief engineer Mr Glazunov V.P.


The heads of hydraulic drive and electric drive design offices Aleksey Koltsov and Michail Kishkinev, the head of service department Mr. Serdjukov gave a course of theoretical and practical knowledge on the given subject. The training took place at Rudgormash Training center and at the shop floor N4.



The “students” gave their commentsion the issue:


- It was a high-level seminar. I am thankful in particular to Michail Kishkinev and Aleksey Koltsov, the engineers of Rudgormash, for their competence and adequate education. It is important to say that we received particular responses even to our theoretical questions. All examples were given in practice. So now we can apply those valuable knowledge in our work, - told us the service engineer of “Mining machines” Dmitrii Ilichev.


It should be added that in March of the present year the Training center renewed its license to carry out educational activities due to the changes made in the company name (LLC HC “Rudgrmash”). Voronezh Department of Science and Youth Politics has reissued our license that gives the right to provide professional training on the territory of the company. We conduct professional training for over 54 types of working professions. The specialities on-fire are the sling operator, the electric car driver, the electrical/gas welder and the crane driver.

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