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In the workshop  No10, a place is almost ready for two new CNC machines as part of a project for the technical re-equipment of our enterprise. One of them is a GS-2600M horizontal CNC turret lathe manufactured by GOODWAY Machine Corp. (Taiwan).         
Our company was included in the National Project to Increase Labor Productivity. The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of production and the efficiency of the entire enterprise. For Rudgormash, this is an excellent opportunity to become more competitive in the modern conditions of a
In April, the company "Rudgormash" joined the non-profit organization "Association of machine building companies of Kuzbass". This organization consists of a voluntary association of 23 machine building enterprises. Kuzbass is a mining basin. The greatest part of it covers Kemerovo region, but Kuzba




Scientific approach to production is a step towards success. Separators of the next generation from Kolskiy Scientific Center are to be introduced into production.


In January 2017 Rudgormash company signed a partnership agreement concerning future scientific and research activities with the Federal state budgetary Mining Institute Kolskiy Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (KSC RAS). Under the terms of this agreement we plan to implement this joint project from the research and development works to its commercialization.

February 28, 2017 to discuss all the details of the future cooperation Mr. Alexander Opalev, the deputy director of the Mining institute, Candidate of Technical Sciences, the author of more than 40 scientific papers including 13 inventors certificates and patents, paid a business visit to Rudgormash.

Tatiana Drojjina, Rudgormash sales director, together with the top managers of LLC “Concentrating equipment” and Mr. Opalev discussed the possible mechanisms to implement the mutually beneficial innovative projects. In light of this, the project development of future production of magnetic-gravitation separators was started.

It is necessary to point out that the Mining institute KSC RAS already had some experience of cooperation with our enterprise in soviet times. In 80-ies we successfully realized a project for magnetic and gravitation separators for Kostomukshskiy GOK, which resulted in the positive decision of the Ministry of Iron and Steel Industry to serially produce separators MGK-1,5 (“Zelenova barrel”) However, those plans were not apt to be realized due to the political changes in the country.

Norwegian company Sydvaranger AS was later interested in this product and bought from the Mining institute the license to produce a line of the aforementioned separators for its own needs. However the Mining Institute declined the Norwegian company request to sell the technology itself. A strategic decision was taken to keep the innovative technology inside the country.

And now after decades this topic becomes relevant again.

- I am glad that after decades our companies still work on the commercialization of this project. No doubt, we have a lot to do, and its design has to be developed up to the level of modern technologies. We have already changed a lot, introducing controllers and actuators. It is also significant that several large enterprises showed their interest in this product. We have a customer who plans to install 20 of these separators in the coming year if the appointed values are achieved. As for our cooperation, I should point out that the mutual work of the scientific and production sectors always brings good results. We wish to collaborate and manufacture equipment according to orders of our Russian customers, - said Alexander Opalev.

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