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In the workshop  No10, a place is almost ready for two new CNC machines as part of a project for the technical re-equipment of our enterprise. One of them is a GS-2600M horizontal CNC turret lathe manufactured by GOODWAY Machine Corp. (Taiwan).         
Our company was included in the National Project to Increase Labor Productivity. The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of production and the efficiency of the entire enterprise. For Rudgormash, this is an excellent opportunity to become more competitive in the modern conditions of a
In April, the company "Rudgormash" joined the non-profit organization "Association of machine building companies of Kuzbass". This organization consists of a voluntary association of 23 machine building enterprises. Kuzbass is a mining basin. The greatest part of it covers Kemerovo region, but Kuzba




SBSH-250 MNA-32.. It’s a totally new drilling rig now



Rudgormash received visitors from PJSC “Stoylenskiy GOK” on October 25, 2016 who had come for preliminary acceptance of the drilling rig SBSH-250 that had been manufactured by that time and was being prepared for the shipment.

The drilling rig fundamentally differs from the previous drills of this type and size. It embodies all requirements and recommendations of the “Stoylenskiy GOK” specialists.

Our own design office can promptly improve and modernize equipment according to customer’s needs and requirements. We adhere to the expert opinion of the repair and maintenance specialists and we are open to the constructive feedbacks and suggestions. We value the customers’ readiness for a dialogue. we heard the opinion about Rudgormash drilling rigs expressed by the repairmen, the ones that know firsthand how vital it is to have a drilling equipment of good quality, productivity and serviceability in conditions of continuous production, the ones that operate our equipment in the quarries.

Sergey Bulgakov/ the head of the drilling dapartment of PJSC “Stoylenskiy GOK”:

- Nowadays we have 9 drilling rigs manufactured by your enterprise and I consider that those are one of the most reliable drilling rigs, the quality and productivity of which totally satisfies our needs. This time we have obtained your newly modernized drilling rig SBSH-250. We appreciate that your enterprise is always on he move, always in progress, modernizing its equipment. Last year we already increased our scope of drilling and we hope this year to increase it even more. Let us work and enjoy the result..both of us..

  Vladimir Glazunov/the chief engineer of drilling equipment of LLC “MMHC Rudgormash-Voronezh” design office:

-Sergey Vyacheslavovich, we received many recommendations from “Stoylenskiy GOK” regarding this particular drill and we would like to hear whether your requirements have been fulfilled.

Sergey Bulgakov:
- All my recommendations have been 100% complied with and even more, the fundamental structural changes of the machine have really made my day. Let us hope that all is going to operate like clock-work as we planned. The work of your drilling rigs and their quality is under no question at all.




   1. The feed cylinders of the mast has been replaced by the cylinders of smaller diameter which has sped up lowering and lifting operations by 2 times (at least 17m/min) and resulted in productive capacity increase by 15-20%.

   2.The mast structure and the block of feeding mechanisms changed fundamentally which made the mounting and dismounting (lower cylinder anchor on the axle) operations more comfortable.

All blocks of the mechanical feeding have joints on pulley axle which makes the dismounting of the blocks bearings easier without extra load-lifting mechanisms.
   3. A cooler for the oil pumping station has been used to lower oil heating and provide comfortable operation of the oil pumping station.

   4. A fundamentally new cabin of the machine room has been introduced. The cabin walls became more hermetic and heat-and-sound-proof due to sandwich panels insulation. The triple glass pane is applied instead of conventional glass windows.
Control-chair has been installed in the cabin as the basic control unit of the drilling rig.

  5. The new controlling system and a CAN-line have proved their usefulness. A CAN-line is used instead of the multiple wiring like in computer technologies.
The next step will be to upgrade the drilling rigs with industrial controllers by ABB company that have a high level of protection and interchangeability.

6. Upon customer’s request there is an option in the feeding drive that allows to calculate the traveled distance.

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