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The “Miner’s Glory” badge of honor is awarded to managers and specialists of organizations of the mineral resource sector for active participation in specific actions that are aimed to improve the efficiency of mining,  the quality and competitiveness of products, their promot
Our anniversary year continues, and we receive another, but no less valuable congratulations on our 80th birthday from our customers and colleagues. Stoilensky, Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky GOKs are our long-standing and constant partners in drilling equipment.     Here are a few kind wo
  On April 16, our plant was receiving guests from the Department of Economic Assistance of Saxony "WFS". The delegation included representatives of the department Dr. Manfred Liebl (WFS Authorized Representative for Russia / CIS) , Dr. Frank Hagen and Alexander Grosser and a representative of




A new generation of ABB drives applied on Rudgormash drilling rigs.

Vladimir Glazunov, a senior  engineer of Rudgormash design office, gave specific details on the subject:   
- We used to apply Schneider Electric drives on our drilling rigs, but the company services did not fully
satisfied us. We did not receive the management program, and that was the main problem.
A variable-frequency drive is a sort of a computer that controls the motor. 
We were not aware of many things and the company representatives we worked with could not help us.
After proper market research we paid our attention to ABB offer. We were much attracted by
technical parameters of their products and the skill level of ABB company members.
Alexander Poddyachii, a head of “DM Voronezh ABB” subdivision in the department of driven equipment, 
answered all our questions and practically impressed us by the depth of his technical knowledge,
he convinced us to cooperate. He helped to solve all those problems that came up on the first stage
of our cooperation. I should point out that ABB experts not only come to the first start up of the drives
but also assist during their tuning. At once we were handed a managing program, software
for parameterization and USB free of charge.
ABB drives have been applied by Rudgormash since 2015 and proved itself well. 
They have a number of advantages. These variable-frequency  electric drives with frequency regulators
allow to improve the work of different mechanisms in  various duty cycles and provide gentle start of
an electric motor, infinitely variable speed control, the work of a mechanism at any required speed,
they have non-contact reverse and high energy data.
This is a new generation of drives that became more compact and lighter due to the latest achievements 
in circuit technique, hardware components and software. ABB drive provides direct torque control (DTC).
In case of drive replacement there is no need to parameterize it, but just connect the new drive
to the old drive memory unit. Among advantages of ABB drive are comfortable Russian interface
and bright and contrast display panel.

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