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  The specialists of Rudgormash have introduced a new drilling rig control system. Rudgormash continues to modernize the manufactured products. This time the issue concerns the upgrade of SBSH-250MNA-32 control system.   Presently this new control system undergoes a number of tests.
In the production department No 10 we have proceeded to the production of several types of machines. The throw–screens GIT-73 and GIT-52M are going to concentrating plants situated 1350 km away from each other, though the screens will be doing practically the same work. They will process crush
           A set of VS-30 mine cars has been send to the customer for further operation in potash underground mines. The machines’s construction has undergone serious changes in the electric and brake systems. Now we can offer our clients an opportunity to p




The Czech company Wikov visited "Rudgormash"

July 7, 2015 in the LLC "MMMC Rudgormash-Voronezh" was visited by representatives of the Czech company Wikov - chairman Martin Vichterle and director of commerce and the development of the CIS countries Fedor Vlachiga.

Intentions to create a manufacture of power transmission gears on "Rudgormash" had appeared before the talks began with the Czech company. Since the company Wikov working in this direction for a long time and well established itself in the markets of Europe, the company's president Anatoly Chekmenev and technical director Anatoly Larin visited this company in Prague at the beginning of June this year, having become acquainted with the products and technologies of the company. And this a return visit, the purpose of which - the study of all aspects of cooperation and a joint venture for the production of gears and power transmission.

 - As a result of measures to streamline and improve the efficiency of our business, we outsource the production of individual components and workpieces. At the same time freeing up industrial space that can be used to organize joint production of marketable products.

  Czech companies, these long-term plans seemed interesting and its representatives visited the "Rudgormash" a return visit.

Taking into account our more than 75 years of experience in mechanical engineering, I am sure that the cooperation can be mutually beneficial and productive.

  The final decision will be made this fall - said the president of company "Rudgormash" Anatoly Chekmenev.
The Czech delegation was accompanied by the plant technical director Anatoly Larin, director of production, Victor Yermolov.

- Introduction to the shops and the products that we produce, ended negotiations, during which outlined the main directions of further joint activities.

 Before "Rudgormash" were tasked to calculate the load of production of gearboxes used for our serial production. We know that this figure is about 12 percent of total output.
We study the market for gears and gear transmissions on the territory of Russia and CIS countries with the study of all the suppliers and customers of the mining and processing industry.

From the Czech representatives presented information about the manufactured equipment with all technical parameters and application areas.

Marketing Service is studying the market demand in this segment. To work connected our dealers who are studying the need for gearboxes, produced by the company Wikov, and later, will launch a joint venture that can be created on a platform of "Rudgormash."

 Czech side also presents data on the needs of special gears for the project "Production of wind-generator sets INS V 1000", the total demand in overseas markets which is up to 500 units per year.

 This is a huge amount, so the production of power units - multiples on wind power - we believe it is very popular - said Anatoly Larin.
All of the above is a good motivation for the creation of the joint venture, and allows us to make a positive forecast because in Russia we don’t have companies that are purposefully engaged in production of gearboxes on modern technologies.

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