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In the workshop  No10, a place is almost ready for two new CNC machines as part of a project for the technical re-equipment of our enterprise. One of them is a GS-2600M horizontal CNC turret lathe manufactured by GOODWAY Machine Corp. (Taiwan).         
Our company was included in the National Project to Increase Labor Productivity. The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of production and the efficiency of the entire enterprise. For Rudgormash, this is an excellent opportunity to become more competitive in the modern conditions of a
In April, the company "Rudgormash" joined the non-profit organization "Association of machine building companies of Kuzbass". This organization consists of a voluntary association of 23 machine building enterprises. Kuzbass is a mining basin. The greatest part of it covers Kemerovo region, but Kuzba




Representatives of "Atlas Copco " visited Rudgormash.

On 25-26 January 2012 representatives of the Swedish company "Atlas Copco " officially  visited Rudgormash. The purpose of this visit was the consideration of possible cooperation and placement of joint production in the territory of the Rudgormash.

 Company Atlas Copco is a powerful transnational financial-industrial group with its headquarters in Stockholm. Atlas Copco has its offices and warehouse in 68 countries of the world. There are more than 33 thousand people at 30 enterprises in 16 countries. Company's annual turnover of 7.3 billion euros. The company works in Russia since 1914.

 The basic lines of company`s activities today:
- Manufacture of compressors;
- Mining technics;
- The mechanised tool;
- The building equipment;
- The equipment for geological prospecting 

For high quality of the manufactured products the company has earned the world recognition. 

The company produces the whole range of drilling equipment and equipment for surface and underground operations for the extraction of minerals. This business gives the company more than 40% of the annual income. More than one third of the annual income of the company is production of the equipment for the building industry:

- equipment for building of tunnels,
- installations of horizontal drilling,
- machines for the building of foundations,
- other building equipment. 

The Russian market of the building equipment now is growing, therefore Management of Atlas Copco has made the decision on business expansion on manufacture of building technics in Russia. Representatives of  Atlas Copco have got acquainted with manufacture and have carried on negotiations with management of Rudgormash.

From all russian enterprises considered by representatives the Atlas Copco the industrial platform of Rudgormash has seemed to them the most attractive.

We have asked president of Rudgormash, A.N.Chekmenyov to comment on this visit.

 Pleasantly that such serious western company came to us with the offer to discuss possibility of cooperation. At carrying out of actions for optimization and increases of efficiency of our business we transfer manufacture of separate knots and preparations to outsourcing. Floor spaces which can be used for the organisation of co-production are thus liberated. In view of ours more than 70-year-old experience in mechanical engineering, I am assured that cooperation can be successful. But while it only preliminary discussions.

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