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    This year, the company declared  2020 the year of quality. A whole range of measures has been developed to improve the quality of products. Participation in this competition for the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation will provide an objective expert assessment of
    On February 28, the first meeting of the scientific and technical council was held on the territory of  Rudgormash company. This community was organized by Anatoly Nikolayevich Chekmenev, the president of Rudgormash. The council included the members of technical departments of R
    On the last days of the departing year the working process does not stop here at Rudgormash production premisses. We are hurrying to meet the New Year with maximum result, so that we had something to remember when the clock strikes 12. We are doing this for you, our dear customers, a




On January, 19th head of area Alexey Gordeyev has visited factory "Rudgormash"

To get acquainted with work of all large enterprises of the Voronezh region is one of  Alexey Gordeyev’s goals. The working trip on "Rudgormash" is a part of it. Production of the enterprise in the market of the mining equipment also is claimed more than 60 years not only in Russia, but in near and far abroad.

  During visiting of the enterprise the governor has visited shops of hydroair actuators of the concentrating equipment, a metalware, in shop of assemblage of chisel machine tools and mine cars. During survey of industrial divisions Alexey Gordeyev has communicated to workers and experts of the enterprise, and also has discussed prospects of company’s development with the management.

The government of the Voronezh region and company management has considered problems, which are necessary for solving in common to facilitate work of the enterprise for cooperation communications and production sale.

        The governor has noticed that to work of such powerful industrial enterprise as "Rudgormash", the regional government will always give a close attention.

        - Rudgormash is a large enterprise with traditionally strong, developed comand. The enterprise has coped with crisis consequences. In 2011 the volume of output has exceeded 2 billion roubles. At the enterprise social projects are realized. In company Rudgormash 2000 persons work nearby, and the area government will promote that it safely worked and successfully coped with difficulties


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