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  The specialists of Rudgormash have introduced a new drilling rig control system. Rudgormash continues to modernize the manufactured products. This time the issue concerns the upgrade of SBSH-250MNA-32 control system.   Presently this new control system undergoes a number of tests.
In the production department No 10 we have proceeded to the production of several types of machines. The throw–screens GIT-73 and GIT-52M are going to concentrating plants situated 1350 km away from each other, though the screens will be doing practically the same work. They will process crush
           A set of VS-30 mine cars has been send to the customer for further operation in potash underground mines. The machines’s construction has undergone serious changes in the electric and brake systems. Now we can offer our clients an opportunity to p




Mr. Anatoli H. Chekmenev visits India.

Official visit of RF President Mr. Vladimir Putin to India has come to an end. Among the delegates accompaning the President were directors of various Departments and large compamies, including Mr. Anatoli Chekmenev,deputy of Voronezh region Duma and president of Closed Joint Stock Company "MMHC-Rudgormash", which is a leading machinery enterprise in Russia.

The signed declaration on strategic partnership between Russia and India embraces the following spheres: energy, space, machinery, aviation and technocratic military cooperation. Among the questions of top importance are trade and economic, scientific and technical collaboration, and to be more precise - more active promotion of mutually promising projects. Starting from purelly trading type of relationship like sales and purchases, both Russia and India are ready to precede to the next level: closer forms of communication in investment sphere, joint venture production and developments in science intensive spheres.

On behalf of the CJSC "MMHC-Rudgormash" official delagate Mr. Anatoli N. Chekmenehas discussed the vital subjects regarding innovative models of the joint work and extention of business based relationship between our countries. The question at stake was perspective mutually directed work on the foundation of joint venture enterprises in metallurgic and machinery sphere both on the territory of India and Russia. International Indian-Russian project, which may prove to be the largest on the territory of Voronezh region over the past 15 years, can be evaluated at dozens millions of dollars. The section for examination has already been defined, and marketing analysis is presently at work.

For more than 45 year PCSC "Rudgormash" has been having business with India in machinery field, while coal mining industry is considered to be the basis of Indian economy.

This year Voronezh plant "Rudgormash" has put into serial production coil tubing machines for maintaining oil and gas holes. Four items are planned to be manufactured in year 2007. This highly remunerative production represents perspective field for Rudgormash enterprise due to the competitive role that it will play in the world of imported prototypes.

This visit has shown that strategic partnership between countries in fuel and energy sectors will reach new objectives. Furthermore Russian companies are looking forward to joint construction of mining objects and transportation of oil and natural gas both on the territory of India and outside its bounderies. This may lead to a new type of partnership relations between "Rudgormash" and Indian enterprises.

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