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    On the last days of the departing year the working process does not stop here at Rudgormash production premisses. We are hurrying to meet the New Year with maximum result, so that we had something to remember when the clock strikes 12. We are doing this for you, our dear customers, a
    This year "Rudgormash" company has successfully completed its part of the project of the blast furnace No 6 reconstruction for NLMK. For this customer we have provided a wide range of services including primary engineering, equipment supply, start up and commissioning works and chief
The “Miner’s Glory” badge of honor is awarded to managers and specialists of organizations of the mineral resource sector for active participation in specific actions that are aimed to improve the efficiency of mining,  the quality and competitiveness of products, their promot


Underground equipment

Self-propelled mine car 10VS-15

Self-propelled mine car 10VS-15
A multifunctional self-propelled shuttle car for hauling mined material from tunnel borers and loading vehicles to the reloading points and orepasses at potash and coal mines including gas- and dust-(carbon, sulfide, sulphate)hasardous mines, in underground construction, at ambient temperatures from 5 to 35 degrees Celsius and in humidity up to 98%.

Technical characteristics

Loading capacity,t  15...17 
Time of unloading, sec  83
Traveling speed, km/h 
Max. external turning-circle radius, m  8,5 
Maximum gradeability of the loaded mine car, deg  15 
Ground clearance, not less than, mm  300
Electric equipment


Explosion proof IMB (PB)

Alternating current, Hz
Installed capacity, kWt  128 
Overall dimensions, mm    
Length  8200...8500 
Mass, t  17,5 


Additional information. Options available.

  • the mine car can be manufactured with 660V or 1140V equipment;
  • mining starting unit available;
  • cable drum capacity - 200m;
  • Speed regulation - multispeed electric motor/frequency regulator;
  • current magnitude protection/current leak protection;
  • Protective canopy over the operator's cabin is avalable;
  • Goodyear tyres 14.00 R20 186 A2 E4/Autotyres 14.00-20 BEL-20 188 A2;
  • Electric/hydraulic conveyor drive;
  • Extra edges available of the following height: 288mm/386mm;
  • Parking brakes of drum type/ multidisc wet brakes;
  • Soft starter;
  • DC braking

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