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The “Miner’s Glory” badge of honor is awarded to managers and specialists of organizations of the mineral resource sector for active participation in specific actions that are aimed to improve the efficiency of mining,  the quality and competitiveness of products, their promot
Our anniversary year continues, and we receive another, but no less valuable congratulations on our 80th birthday from our customers and colleagues. Stoilensky, Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky GOKs are our long-standing and constant partners in drilling equipment.     Here are a few kind wo
  On April 16, our plant was receiving guests from the Department of Economic Assistance of Saxony "WFS". The delegation included representatives of the department Dr. Manfred Liebl (WFS Authorized Representative for Russia / CIS) , Dr. Frank Hagen and Alexander Grosser and a representative of


Concentrating equipment Vacuum filters

Vacuum filters of DOO type

Vacuum filters of DOO type
The filters are applied for separation of neutral, alkaline and slightly aggressive suspensions (Ph 4-11)with particles of solid phase and of a fairly homogenous size.

- Vacuum-filters for concentrates of 2-5 t/m³ density.
Vacuum filters for concentrates of 2 t/m³density.
Tubular shaft for vacuum filters of DSH type.
Additional equipment for vacuum filters.
Auxiliary processing equipment of vacuum filters.
Special offers from Rudgormash company and ZAO “Ingineering filtr”


Rudgormash and “Engineering filtr” experts had designed a new construction of disc vacuum filters that provided the basis for the modern locally-produced vacuum filters with high automation and a wide range of models. Ergonomics of engineering solutions provides comfortable operation and maintainance. The new construction is also applied in tubular shafts for functioning filters DSH to provide efficiency improvement.

The foundation of this new development were technical and technological researches of a disc vacuum filter operation and the foreign experience of filter-composition, the creation of a new composition material and advanced polymer technology. This provided the extension of a technology cycle and inter-repair period and reduction of operational and repair expenditures.

Disc vacuum filters and tubular shafts for vacuum filters DSH are applied for separation of neutral and slightly aggressive suspensions (рН= 4÷11) of 2÷60°С in temperature and with particles of solid phase of fairly homogenous size.

The field of application is represented by mining, chemical and coal industries, ferrous and non-ferrous steel industries.

Specific features:
Continuous operation
High productivity
Low sink humidity
Prompt impulse blowing
Long life of filter fabric
Partial regeneration of filter fabric
Lighter sectors
High level of automation
- Simple operation

Construction features:
a set of easily dis-mountable tube collectors situated in the central supporting pipe are applied instead of a cast-iron cell roll;
the flow passages of sections and outlet channels are enlarged;
- all rubbing surfaces are made of anti-friction materials;
- interior surfaces of outlet channels are covered with a wearproof adhesive coating;
- places with intense flow rate have an antiwear linen;
the valves of prompt (impulse) blowing and regeneration of 0,2-0,4 sec. are used to remove the sink;
- sequential blowing of each collector is performed due to the axis offset;
- mechanized bottom valves are used for a suspension drainage out of the bath;
- automated centralized system of a consistent lubrication;
- highly automated technological process.



The basic distinctive feature of Rudgormash vacuum filters is the prompt impulse blowing off the sink which is independent from a disc rotation frequency. The physical significance is an injection of compressed air in minimal volumes and in a short period of time.

Due to the minimal volumes of compressed air we can observe slight extension of filter fabric sufficient for blowing down the sink. Thus the frequency of filter fabric breaks diminishes and increases its durability. The compressed air consumption lowers as well as the energy consumption.

Due to a very short period of blowing it can be done at any level of a disc rotation frequency. Besides, the blowing process switches on by non-contact electromagnetic indicators with a fast response time.

Another distinctive feature is the possibility of blowing with compressed air of high pressure (up to 6kg/sm²). It is also possible to conduct several impulses of blowing during a single cycle and as a result to partially regenerate the filter fabric.

One more distinctive feature of Rudgormash vacuum-filters is the application of a filter fabric washing device in sectors during periodic filter shutdowns. This also affects the restorative function of the filter fabric and can be taken for a partial regeneration with an interval of 150-200 motor hours of filter work.

High level of automation presupposes monitoring and control of filtrating and dewatering processes by controller units of foreign and home manufacture which allows to totally automatize the vacuum-filter operation and plug into SCADA system.

A wide range of blowing valves (of different sizes and type of control), shaft drives and mixer drives (of different construction and rotation frequency) are offered for vacuum filters in accordance with customers requirements and type of the processed concentrates.

Processing of minerals has its unique aspects in various segments of industry that determine specific requirements for filtrating equipment subject to the density of a filtered material or request for an additional application of a ventilation hood or a hip roof and etc.

Vacuum filters are the basic equipment of a filtrating unit that is represented by a system of machines for technological dehydration of a mined concentrate in a processing industry.


Rudgormash vacuum-filters can be divided in two types depending on the density of the processed meterial : vacuum filters for concentrates of 2-5t/m³ density and vacuum filters for concentrates of up to 2t/m³ density.

The auxiliary equipment for filter units consist of receive and catch tanks, vacuum pumps, air blowers, compressors and etc.

Receive and catch tanks by Rudgormash brand are combined into a set of auxiliary equipment that also differ in construction and quantity.

We can supply the receive and catch tanks as a single-peace upon customer’s requests.

Vacuum pumps, air blowers (or compressors) for Rudgormash production are an auxiliary equipment for vacuum filters and they can be supplied as an addition to Rudgormash equipment upon customer’s requests.

Tubular shafts of Rudgormash are fit for bathes and drives of the manufactured DSH filters.

The set of supply includes automated centralized system of consistent lubrication of all rubbing surfaces of the tubular shaft itself.

Upon customer’s request we can supply an additional and axillary equipment, a blowing system of corresponding pressure, a lubricating system for the whole filter and an automatic pulp level control system for a bath.

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