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  January 17, 2017 at Rudgormash we welcomed our customers for the acceptance of the drilling rig SBSH-250MNA-32 (serial number 1611) manufactured for Stoilensky mining and processing plant (MPP) The technicians of Stoilensky MPP: the head of the drilling equipment shop Vyacheslav Zaitsev, th
RUDGORMASH -  is a specialized enterprise that designes and manufactures equipment for the mining industry.    A group of companies Rudgormash is an only complex supplier of mining equipment. To our customers we offer drilling, mineral-processing and underground mining equipment wh
   The representatives of “Klesovski quarry “TECHNOBUD” company came to see the commissioning and testing works of the throw screen GIT52M.   The testings went well and the customers were remained satisfied with the new equipment. A maintenance engineer Cherota R.


The drilling equipment

Rotary drilling rig SBSH-250/311-18

Rotary drilling rig SBSH-250/311-18
Design documentation has been prepared. The drill is ready for serial production. The machine serves to drill holes of 200-270mm in diameter in highly abrasive ores. The special aspect of this drill is that its drilling holes of 17,5m deep with one rod that equals the benching height of most rock sections. Thus the productivity of the drill improves greatly due to the fact that there is no necessity for the screwing and unscrewing of the drill tool. This works perfectly well for the soft and medium-hard rocks when the time of drilling often equals the auxiliary operations. To provide continuous feed travel for the long rod, a cable-polyspast feed drive from two drawworks has been used.


This type of the drive takes the axial load off the mast. The mast is of closed type with a strengthened design of the bearing pin and the mount beam of the mast swing cylinder. This gives durability and reliability provided that the feed thrust is 40 ton and the torque on the bit is 1300 kgm. The supporting unit and rotation unit are separated to prevent the rotation unit from bumps and vibrations.


The drives of the drawworks, the rotation unit and the track drive can be equipped with electric motors of alternating current with frequency regulation or with electric motors of direct current.


Upon customer’s request the drill can be supplied with the compressors of 28, 40 or 50m³/min capacity. The compressor of 50m³/min has a medium voltage (6000V) drive.


All auxiliary operations of the drill like leveling, lifting and lowering of the mast, screwing of the drill tool are carried on by the hydraulic drive.


Hydraulic drive based on the mobile Bosch Rexroth hydraulics provides highly reliable work of the drill, smoothness of operations and precision in regulation, it eliminates hydroshocks, reduces the noise and vibration.


In the hydraulic drive there is one regulated pump and its capacity is set automatically by the feedback system and depends on the speed of the performed operations which is set by the distributor with proportional control.


To keep the hydraulic system in stable temperatures of instant readiness especially in winter time the pumps are set at a minimal working capacity to pump 10-15 l per min of the power oil through the blocks of hydraulic system for keeping them warm.


The cabin has been enlarged. It has a window heater, insulation of walls, floor and ceiling. The cabin has a wooden floor with rubber covering, an air heater and an air conditioner.


There is also an anti-vibration chair, two control panels with an indicators block showing the main drilling parameters like the depth of drilling, the speed of sinking, spindle rotation frequency and etc. This simplifies the drill operation and increases comfort of the operator.


Technical characteristics of SBSH-250/311-18


Type of the drill


SBSH – rotary type of drill equipped with roller bits.


Hardness of the drilled rocks according to prof. Protodyakonov scal




Nominal hole diameter, mm


250, 270, 295, 311


Rod diameter, mm


219, 260


Depth of drilling with one rod, m




Number of rods, items




Max. depth of drilling, m




Hole incline to the vertical, angle.


0-30, every 5 degrees.


Supplied voltage , V


380, 6000


Max. feed thrust to the face, tf.


Smoothly regulated from 0 to 40


Type of delivery to the face


Cable-polyspast from two drawworks


Speed of drill tool delivery when drilling, m/min


from 0 to 6


Speed of drill tool traveling, m/min:

- lifting

- lowering






Frequency of drill tool rotation, rpmin




Max. torque on the bit, kgf*m




Installed capacity, kW




Compressor capacity, m3/min


36, 40, 50


Compressed air pressure (excess), Mpa, (kgf/sm2)


0,7 (7)


Hydraulic equipment


Bosch Rexroth


Type of the mounting


Crawler mounting


Traveling speed




Max. gradeability when moving, degree.




Number of leveling jacks, items.




Overall dimensions, m

with the mast up:




with the mast down:













Mass, kg


110 000


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