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In the workshop  No10, a place is almost ready for two new CNC machines as part of a project for the technical re-equipment of our enterprise. One of them is a GS-2600M horizontal CNC turret lathe manufactured by GOODWAY Machine Corp. (Taiwan).         
Our company was included in the National Project to Increase Labor Productivity. The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of production and the efficiency of the entire enterprise. For Rudgormash, this is an excellent opportunity to become more competitive in the modern conditions of a
In April, the company "Rudgormash" joined the non-profit organization "Association of machine building companies of Kuzbass". This organization consists of a voluntary association of 23 machine building enterprises. Kuzbass is a mining basin. The greatest part of it covers Kemerovo region, but Kuzba


The drilling equipment

Rotary drilling rig SBSH-250MNA-32KP (frame-platform type)

Rotary drilling rig SBSH-250MNA-32KP  (frame-platform type)
The machine serves to drill vertical and inclined blast holes in rocks with hardness of 6-20 units according to prof. Protodyakonov scale in ambiant temperatures from - 40 °С up to + 40°С at open mines.

Technical characteristics

Hole diameter, mm 250, 270  270, 300, 311 
Rod length, m 8,2  10 
Number of rods
Depth of drilling, m 32  28 
Dust suppression wet 
Supply voltage, V
380, 6000 
Total power, kWt
Motor power of rotation unit, kW 120

Drill rod string lifting-lowering speed, m/min 13/13 
Speed of drill rod delivery to the face,
Compressor capacity, m3/min 50 
Drill rod rotation frequency, rpm. 0...120 
Power of the track drive, kWt 2 х 50


alternating current

Traveling speed, km/h 0-1,2 (regulated speed)
Max. gradeability, angle degree (°) 12 
Mass, kg. 110 000  120 000 
Overall dimentions with the mast up, m   
length    15,4 
width    7,5 
height    18,7 
Overal dimentions with the mast down, m   
length    18,0 
width    7,5 




A set of optional equipment for the drilling rig:


  • compressor units by JSC “NPO VNII Kompressormash” or other;

  • hydraulic equipment by Bosch Rexroth;

  • rods of diameters: 146mm; 168mm; 180mm; 203mm; 219mm; 260mm;

  • dry system of dust suppression ;

  • centralized Lincoln lubrication ;

  • portable electric heater for the machine room;

  • on-board controller that gathers and analyzes drilling data and indicates the results on the board display. It is possible to set data through the keyboard and to have two-way communication with a dispatcher;

  • video surveillance system;
  • cable drum

tel/fax +7 (473) 244-71-03