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  The specialists of Rudgormash have introduced a new drilling rig control system. Rudgormash continues to modernize the manufactured products. This time the issue concerns the upgrade of SBSH-250MNA-32 control system.   Presently this new control system undergoes a number of tests.
In the production department No 10 we have proceeded to the production of several types of machines. The throw–screens GIT-73 and GIT-52M are going to concentrating plants situated 1350 km away from each other, though the screens will be doing practically the same work. They will process crush
           A set of VS-30 mine cars has been send to the customer for further operation in potash underground mines. The machines’s construction has undergone serious changes in the electric and brake systems. Now we can offer our clients an opportunity to p


Underground equipment

Self-propelled bunker-reloader BPS-25

Self-propelled bunker-reloader BPS-25
The machine serves to accumulate the material mined by combines Ural-20A and Ural-20R and to reload it to a self-propelled mine car VS-30 at Verhnekamskoye deposit of potash mines which are gas (methane) and dust hazardous.

  Technical characteristics


   Loading capacityt




   Max. traveling speedkm/h




   Time of unloading, sec




   Minimal turning outer radiusm




   Dumping height, m


   0,7 ... 2,1




   Two hydraulic motors


   Max. gradeability, degree




   Overall dimensions, mm






















The bunker-reloader can be supplied in two versions: with voltage 660V or 1140V; all electric equipment is explosion-proof.

BPS-25 is a bunker body with a double-chain conveyor on its bottom; situated on four pneumatic wheels: two steering, not driving, in the front, the rest are driving but not steering.


The front suspension is centerpoint, the rear suspension is rigid. The steering wheel has a hydraulic booster.


The drive of every wheel works from the hydraulic motor. There are negative brakes on the output shaft of the travel reduction units as well as there are gadgets that switch off the reduction units when the bunker-reloader is coupled with a combine to reduce the resisting force.


The conveyor drive is actuated by the three-speed motor; the height of unloading can be regulated. The conveyor can be controlled manually or operate automatically. The electricity is supplied to the bunker from the combine control station by two cables of 40m long. Thus the bunker can travel 30-35 m far from the combine if needed.


BPS-25 machine can be dismantled into parts and components (the body as well) to make the descending of the machine down the mine easier. Max. dimensions and mass of a part does not exceed the following figures: 6530х2896х1254mm; 3200kg.

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