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In the workshop  No10, a place is almost ready for two new CNC machines as part of a project for the technical re-equipment of our enterprise. One of them is a GS-2600M horizontal CNC turret lathe manufactured by GOODWAY Machine Corp. (Taiwan).         
Our company was included in the National Project to Increase Labor Productivity. The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of production and the efficiency of the entire enterprise. For Rudgormash, this is an excellent opportunity to become more competitive in the modern conditions of a
In April, the company "Rudgormash" joined the non-profit organization "Association of machine building companies of Kuzbass". This organization consists of a voluntary association of 23 machine building enterprises. Kuzbass is a mining basin. The greatest part of it covers Kemerovo region, but Kuzba


The drilling equipment

Rotary drilling rig SBSH-250D (with the diesel drive)

Rotary drilling rig SBSH-250D (with the diesel drive)
Rotary drilling rig SBSH-250D serves to drill blast holes of 200-270mm in diameter in hard highly abrasive ores. Diesel drilling rig is an autonomous machine which economizes the time and expenses on moving the drill to a new place and it can be done totally independent from electric network rewiring.

The diesel engine Cummins QSK19 with 650h.p. capacity is notable for its low fuel consumption and efficiency.  In-line arrangement of the compressor, the engine and the pumping unit make the servicing of these parts easier. The fuel tank of 2,5 m³ provides a 24-hour non-stop operation of the drill. The traveling of the rig, its leveling, lifting and lowering of the mast,  the drill tool feed and its rotation as well as screwing of the rods is performed by the hydraulic drive.

The hydraulic drive based on the mobile Bosch Rexroth hydraulics provides highly reliable work of the drill, smoothness of operations, eliminated hydroshocks, reduction of noise and vibration and precision in operations regulation. Capacity of the regulated pumps is set automatically by the feedback system and depends on the speed of the performed operations which is set by the distributor with proportional control. The hydraulic drive has an idle mode which allows to keep the hydraulic system in stable temperatures of instant readiness. This mode has proved to be valuable in freezing winter conditions. When all hydraulic operations are switched off, the pumps are set at a minimal working capacity to pump 10-15 l/min of the power oil through the block of hydraulic system.

Upon customer’s request the drilling rig can be equipped with the compressor of 28m³/min or 40m³/min capacity depending on the diameter of drilling.

Rational arrangement of the main units of the drill provides stability of the machine during drilling or traveling.

The mast frame is of closed type with spacer blocks. The strengthened design of the anchor bar that holds the mast swing cylinders provides durability and reliability of the mast at the thrust force of 35 tons and the torque of 1300 kgm.

The cable-reel feed drive system (with two hydraulic cylinders) of the drill tool damps down bumps and vibrations when drilling fractured rocks.

The supporting and the rotating units are separated. This is done to protect the rotating unit from bumps and vibrations.

The cabin has been enlarged. It has a window heater, insulation of walls, floor and ceiling. The cabin has a wooden floor with rubber covering, an air heater and an air conditioner.

There is also an anti-vibration chair, two control panels with an indicators block showing the main drilling parameters like the depth of drilling, the speed of sinking, spindle rotation frequency and etc. This simplifies the drill operation and increases comfort of the operator.



Тype of drill


SBSH of rotary type


Temperature conditions


from -400С up to +500С


Rock hardness according to prof. Protodyakonov scale




Hole diameter, nominal, mm




Rod length, m




Number of rods, items.


4(3 in a separator)


Max. depth of drilling, m




Incline of the hole to the vertical, degree.


0-30 (or every 5 degrees).


Feed drive system


Two hydraulic cylinders, 4-fold cable-reel system


Max. feed thrust, tf.


Up to 35


Speed of drill tool thrust when drilling, m/min


Continuously variable from 0 to 6


Max. speed of drill tool thrust, m/min:

- lifting

- lowering








Max. drill tool rotation frequency, rpmin 


Continuously variable from 0 to 150


Max. torque on the bit, kgf*m




Rotation unit drive


Two hydraulic motors by Bosch Rexroth


Dust suppression


wet, dry (at your choice)


Type of engine


Diesel engine QSK19 Cummins


Engine capacity, kW (h.p.)


485 (650)


Nominal rotation frequency, rpmin 




Type of fuel



Diesel fuel according to GOST 305-82 (Russian State Standard)


Specific fuel consumption, l/kW*h




Hourly average fuel consumption at optimal loading of the engine, l




Operating capacity of fuel tank, l




Тype of the coolant in the engine cooling system


Tosol-А40М (Tosol-А65М)


Volume of the coolant in the cooling system , l.




Prestart warm up of the engine and compressor


heaters «Eberspecher»


Electronic control and monitoring of the engine


Electronic module ECM of the engine


Compressor capacity, m3/min


28; 40 (at your choice)


Compressed air pressure (excess), MPa (kgf/sm2)


0,7 (7)


Compressor air end


By leading manufacturers


Compressor drive


From the engine to the clutch “Stromag”


Electronic control and monitoring of the compressor


Compressor controller


Type of the pumps



Pumping unit by Bosch Rexroth includes :

- 2 regulated axial-piston pumps with a tilted block;

- 2 regulated axial-piston pumps with a wabble plate



Pump drive


From the engine through the clutch “Stromag”


Drive of the engine cooling fans, the compressor, the hydraulics and of the dust suppressing system


Axial-piston hydraulic motors by Bosch Rexroth


Drive of the crawler-mounting system


Two regulated axial-piston hydraulic motors by Bosch Rexroth with the charge-and-safety brake valves


Control switch gear


Section blocks by Bosch Rexroth with LS-control of М4 type


Max. operating pressure, kgf/sm2




Type of power fluid


Mineral oil of multigrade low-temperature hydraulic type


Filtration of power fluid


Filters «МР FILTRI»

- pressure filter (filtering degree- 10 micron);

-discharge filter (filtering degree- 10 micron);

-intake filter (filtering degree — 25 micron).


Mounting of the drill


Crawler mounting 


Traveling speed


Up to 2,5 -regulated


Max. grade-ability of the traveling drill, degrees.




Number of leveling jacks, items




Length of jack stroke, mm




Heating of the water tank (for wet dust suppression)


Torch heater 


Heating of the cabin


Air heater by Eberspecher


Air conditioner


On-roof air conditioner by Webasto


Overall dimensions of the drilling rig, m

with the mast up:




with the mast down:













Mass, kg


90 000



Additional equipment by request. Available options.

  • Centralized Lincoln lubrication;
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Automated data collecting system;
  • Welding generator;
  • Nominal hole diameter of 311 mm (by 3 rods, depth of drilling- 27m);
  • Length of the drilling rod  -11,4 m (depth of drilling - 43m);
  • Length of jack stroke - 1200mm
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