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   The representatives of “Klesovski quarry “TECHNOBUD” company came to see the commissioning and testing works of the throw screen GIT52M.   The testings went well and the customers were remained satisfied with the new equipment. A maintenance engineer Cherota R.
  The 12-th International Exhibition “Mining equipment, extraction and concentration of ores and minerals” MWUz-2017 took place on November 15. This is the major international exhibition of mining and metallurgical complex in Uzbekistan, that unites the leading manufacturers and sp
  LLC HC “Rudgormash” manufactured the new throw screens GST-62B and sent them to the client.  The throw screens were produced for the needs of PJSC “Severstal” (Cherepovets metallurgical complex) according to the customer’s documentation.  The throw s


The drilling equipment

Hydraulic rotary drilling rig SBSH-160/200-40

Hydraulic rotary drilling rig SBSH-160/200-40
The machine serves to drill technological blast holes of diameters 160, 171 and 215 mm up to 40m deep by 5 rods in rocks with hardness of 4-18 units according to prof. Protodyakonov scale at open mines

  Main features.

 The drilling rig SBSH-160/200-40 is designed to drill blast holes of diameters 160; 171; 215 mm with depth up to 40 meters in rocks with hardness of 4-18 units according to prof. Protodyakonov scale at open mines as well as to drill deviated contour holes.

The drilling rig is a self-propelled machine that consist of the crawler mounting unit, the machine room and the mast. A platform with the necessary equipment is mounted on the crawler mounting unit with individual drives for each bogie.

In the front there is a mast situated along the axis of the operating platform. On the lift side there is an operator’s cabin located on anti-vibration shock absorber. The wet or dry system of dust suppression is on the right side of the mast. In the back part of the drill there is a machine room that contains electric and hydraulic drive equipment and a compressor unit.

There are hydraulic leveling jacks attached to the platform in it front (two) and back (one) parts.

The mast is spatial welded construction made of square metal pipes. The front side of the mast is open. This provides easy access to its mechanisms and drilling rods.

Inside the mast there is a separator of carousel type with four drilling rods in it. In the lower part of the mast attached is a rest device and a rod screwing and unscrewing mechanism that consist of lower and upper hydraulic tongs. The inner surface of the mast contains the rack rails along which slides the rotary - feeding mechanism.

The rotary – feeding mechanism consist of a hydraulic motor, reduction unit and elastic clutch and it serves to rotate and feed the drill tool to the face when drilling and to swiftly lower and lift the drill tool during auxiliary operations like screwing and unscrewing of the rods. The rotation unit and the feeding mechanism are placed together in one casing.


The most progressive technologies were applied during the drill design:

-all major metal constructions of the crawler mounting unit, the machine room and the mast are made of highly-alloy steel;

- all the hydraulic components are mobile and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth company;

- all the drives have load safety factor that greatly increases the life cycle of these major units if used at lower modes;

- the motors are cavitation protected even when the drilling rig travels downhill;

- productivity regulation of the main pumps can be done upon customer’s request based on the operations it performs. The power of the actuating motor is diminished due to the optimal use of the regulated pump’s power specifications;

- seamless connections of pipes and high-pressure hoses of foreign manufacturers are applied in the hydraulic system that eliminates the problem of oil leaking;
- modern measuring instruments are used to control the process of drilling;
- all auxiliary operations are automated;
- the track motors switch off during the drill towing;
- optimal center adjustment of the machine with the mast up or down is provided on the drill;
- comfortable conditions are created for the operator to do his work efficiently.


All of this including application of the top feed drive system allows to provide productivity altogether with high reliability of the drill by 30% higher than that of similar types of drills.


 Technical characteristics of SBSH-160/200-40
Version  With electrical drive 
Hole diameter, mm  160; 171; 215 
Rod length, m  8,5; 9,2 
Number of rods 
Depth of drilling, m  43 
Dust suppression  wet 
Supply voltage, V  380 
Total power, kWt  320 
Rotary motor power, kW  52 
Drill rod string lifting-lowering speed, m/min  15/15 
Speed of drill rod delivery to the face, m/min.  0...3 
Compressor capacity, m3/min  25 
Drill rod rotation frequency, rpm.  0...120 
Crawler drive power, kWt  52 
Moving speed, km/h  0 – 2,0 
Maximal gradeability, angle degree (°)  12 
Mass, kg  50000 
Overal dimensions with the mast up, m

Overal dimensions with the mast down, m



  A set of optional equipment for the drilling rig:


  • compressor units by JSC “NPO VNII Compressormash” or Atlas Copco

  • hydraulic equipment by Bosch Rexroth;

  • drilling rod of L – 9,5m;

  • rods of diameters: 146mm; 168mm; 180mm; 219mm;

  • dry system of dust suppression ;

  • centralized lubrication by Lincoln brand;

  • portable electric heating fan for heating the machine room;

  • on-board controller that gathers and analyzes drilling data and indicates the results on the board display. It is possible to set data through the keyboard and to have two-way communication with a dispatcher.


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