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  January 17, 2017 at Rudgormash we welcomed our customers for the acceptance of the drilling rig SBSH-250MNA-32 (serial number 1611) manufactured for Stoilensky mining and processing plant (MPP) The technicians of Stoilensky MPP: the head of the drilling equipment shop Vyacheslav Zaitsev, th
RUDGORMASH -  is a specialized enterprise that designes and manufactures equipment for the mining industry.    A group of companies Rudgormash is an only complex supplier of mining equipment. To our customers we offer drilling, mineral-processing and underground mining equipment wh
   The representatives of “Klesovski quarry “TECHNOBUD” company came to see the commissioning and testing works of the throw screen GIT52M.   The testings went well and the customers were remained satisfied with the new equipment. A maintenance engineer Cherota R.


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 Service department

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Vladimir P. Glazunov

Chief engineer of drilling equipment

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Valeriy V. Zarudnev

Chief engineer of transport equipment

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Alexander A. Svertkov

Chief engineer of concentrating equipment

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Alexander N. Stasiuk

Head of QC department

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Viktor A. Kvasov

Deputy technical director

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Fedor F. Voloshin

Head of HR department

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Aleksey V. Dronov

Head of training department

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 Yekaterina F. Vorontsova

Head of methods and payroll department

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 Dmitriy V. Yarzhenkovskiy

Deputy technical director Head of repair department/

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fax: 268-74-68

Viktor A. Serdiukov

Head of service department.

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Alexander V. Baranovskiy

Head of operations control department д

Phone/fax: (473) 244-70-66

Ruslan A. Zavolokin

Chief technologist

(473) 244-70-10
fax: 244-72-00 

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