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  Four separators PBM-PP-150/300 were manufactured August 01, 2017 for further shipment to the iron ore mining enterprise JSC “Karelsky okatysh”   We have a long-term experience of working with this business partner and have already supplied 12 such separators that function
  Over 30 companies represented 61 project in this competition of aces. Rudgormash company has won in two of the top nominations. The contestants arrived in Moscow to have a look at the latest novelties of COMPAS-3D, to get the honored prizes and to celebrate the 15-th anniversary of the cont
  On June 21, 2017 the separators PBM-PP-150/300 with the counter flow bath for the wet concentration of highly magnetic ores were shipped to concentrating plant Stoilensky GOK. It is not the first our supply of this type of separators to this very customer.  The managers of Stoilensky


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Vladimir P. Glazunov

Chief engineer of drilling equipment

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Valeriy V. Zarudnev

Chief engineer of transport equipment

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Alexander A. Svertkov

Chief engineer of concentrating equipment

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Head of QC department

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Aleksey V. Dronov

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Head of methods and payroll department

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 Dmitriy V. Yarzhenkovskiy

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Head of service department.

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Alexander V. Baranovskiy

Head of operations control department д

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Ruslan A. Zavolokin

Chief technologist

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